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Global capacity building consulting firm

Specialized in strategy, innovation and operations management. We are recognized as leaders in linking strategy, technology and innovation to deliver sustainable solutions that address our clients’ most complex challenges.

The firm has a global focus on addressing solutions that are provide sustainability models that enable nations to seek, thrive and maintain technology based solutions. We believe our clients success is achieved when we can develop mutually profitable partnerships that also build capacity in the communities we serve.


ATIP's operational knowledge has helped us insert processes
that improve project efficiency and deliver.

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Fluid global economy

coupled with indigenous demographic and economic trends, has created unique conditions for rewarding collaboration and partnerships in previously neglected areas of the globe. In many emerging markets, expanding and more complex demand generators are fueling strong growth and uncovering a range of unmet needs and challenges. It is in these markets, characterized by supply-demand imbalances and strong economic and demographic drivers, where we strategically operate.

ATIP's contact and experience in Africa have positioned us to
expand into markets that would have taken much longer to
break into by ourselves.

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Mr. Stepter is the President and Co-Founder of the African Transformative Innovation Project, LLC (ATIP Consulting), Mr. Stepter creates capacity building initiatives that focus on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) disciplines that enable the movement of nations towards technology excellence. ATIP has also supported satellite deployment efforts in Benin, Democratic Republic of Congo, Malawi, Namibia, South Africa and Zimbabwe. Mr. Stepter has developed STEM Peer Summer Camps, Workshops and after school programs that enable domestic and international elementary and middle schools to collectively solve problems. Mr. Stepter is responsible for two projects in Tanzania with peers supporting an after school program in Ashburn, Virginia supporting our Peer Summer Camp initiative.

Mr. Stepter is also an advisor of Global Air Media (GAM), LLC dedicated to supporting aerial training and consulting services. GAM and Mr. Stepter have developed opportunities to help expand and drone applications globally. Mr. Stepter is working with the global development community to identify innovative projects that enable advances in agriculture, transportation and healthcare.



William J McBorrough is an Information Assurance and Cyber Security Leader, Researcher, Educator and Entrepreneur with an extensive background managing, designing, and implementing medium and large enterprise physical and information technology security solutions and programs.

Mr. McBorrough is co-Founder at MCGlobalTech, a Washington, DC-based Information Security Management Consulting Firm. For more than 19 years, Mr. McBorrough has demonstrated success as an administrator, engineer, architect, consultant, manager and practice leader developing cost effective solutions to enable and support strategic and operational goals of client organizations in the areas of Enterprise Information Security Risk Management, IT Governance, Security Organization Development and Management, and Government Information Assurance and Compliance. His experience spans the spectrum from small e-commerce start-ups to multi-campus state and federal agencies to global financial sector organizations.

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